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Why choose Sage to build your home?

One-of-a-Kind Expertise 

A Business Model Designed to Save you Money

1:1 Project Management with Your Trusted Expert 

Energy-Conscious Building 


The best of both worlds: a 1:1 trusted local expert, with a focus on cost and energy-conscious construction.

With more than 30 years in the construction industry, Steve Wallin has built or overseen the construction of over 400 homes. During his time as a custom home builder, Steve honed the skill of creating a highly personalized approach to home construction, listening intently to the homeowners’ dreams and goals for their home, and guiding them through the process to achieve their dream home. Steve established the first “one-stop-shop” showroom for home construction in Western North Carolina, offering customers the ability to make their selections at the showroom, and offering in-house kitchen, bath, and flooring services.

Later, Steve served as the Asheville General Manger for three of the largest on-your-lot custom home builders in the Country - Schumacher Homes, America’s Home Place, and Brown Haven Homes. These companies specialize in building homes in a less personalized, but timely manner, and at a very specific budget.

Steve’s extensive experience in both 1:1 custom home building and on-your-lot production building creates a one-of-a-kind expertise. Steve believes everyone should have the opportunity to build a home, and he is passionate about offering his clients the “best of both worlds” - 1:1 local expert with a custom approach, while achieving a cost-effective and energy-conscious home.

Cost Savings 

A business model designed to offer you cost savings, and ensure you get the most from your home budget.

Building a home can be a challenge in today’s market, making building a home a delayed dream for some. Steve understands this, and set out to build a construction firm with a business model that allows him to pass on cost savings to his clients, and make building a home possible. By minimizing Sage Construction’s overhead costs and building with an energy-conscious approach, Steve ensures each client gets the most from their home budget.

How does Sage Construction minimize costs to their clients?

  • Sage Construction doesn’t have a sales office location

    • Not to worry – this doesn’t mean you will have any less time with your builder. Steve enjoys meeting his clients in whatever fashion they prefer – whether you like to meet via videoconference, or in-person at a convenient location, Steve is there to guide you through the entire construction process.

  • Streamlined Selections

    • Designing and choosing the selections for your dream home is one of the most exciting components of building a home. With Sage Construction, clients can choose from several processes to make their home selections. From pre-designed packages with varying design styles and finish levels, to working 1:1 with one of our partner Interior Designers, how you design your home is up to you, and we will guide you through selecting the option that works best for you. Learn more about our process for designing your dream home here. 

  • Energy-Conscious Building:

    • Many clients are interested in building an energy-conscious home, but believe the costs associated with this make it out of reach for their construction budget. Steve is passionate about making energy-conscious construction accessible, no matter your budget. Learn more about this under “Energy-Conscious building”. 

1:1 Project Management

Steve personally manages your project, and focuses on only a few houses at a time.

Building a home is often one of life’s most significant milestones, and one of life’s largest investments.Steve believes the experience of building a home should be enjoyable and exciting, rather than challenging or stressful. To help you achieve this goal, Steve works with you personally to build your home, acting as your 1:1 expert, personally serving as the project manager for your home, and guiding you through every step of the construction process.

Steve focuses on building only a few homes at a time, so that he can thoroughly focus on each family and each home, ensuring each detail is perfected, and each goal is achieved. He considers it an honor to help a family build their dream home, and devotes himself to their project as he would for his own family.


Steve works with you to build a healthier and more energy-efficient home.

Energy-conscious building refers to constructing homes to meet specific energy-saving requirements (often set forth by leading power providers and the State’s building codes) in order to save energy, and in many cases, make the home a cleaner and safer place to live through improved appliance quality, and air quality.

Many programs are available to today’s builder, which offer rebates and incentives for green-building practices. Steve works with each of his clients to determine which energy-conscious building programs they might like to pursue in their home’s construction, and passes those rebates and savings along to his clients. Building with an energy-conscious approach makes a home’s energy costs more affordable, and improves the re-sale value of the home -  goals which Steve believes are important to consider in your building investment. Some of the programs Steve considers for each home are: Energy Star, Greenbuilt, and Indoor AirQuality Plus.

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