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Site Evaluation 

For individuals who aren't ready to build, but are looking for a lot to build on in the future, Sage offers formal site/property evaluations. To best fit our client's varying needs, we offer four levels of property evaluation.  A “Level 4” evaluation is the most comprehensive, and offers the Client the most information related to the use of the property. However, a level 1, 2 or 3 evaluation may be more cost effective in determining whether to pursue construction on a specific property, or continue to look for alternative properties. 


For each individual property evaluated, Clients have the option to start with any level evaluation, then pay the difference to “upgrade” to a higher level evaluation if they wish. Of course, if a client chooses to build with Sage Construction in the future, their site/property evaluation cost will be deducted from their home construction costs. 


Level One 


A very broad review of available property documents, and a cursory overview of the property from the street.  This is a good option when you have multiple properties of interest, and want to narrow down the search in the most practical and economical way.



Level Two 


All the elements of a Level 1 evaluation, and includes a detailed review of specific placement of a home on the property. A great option for when you have narrowed your search to no more than three properties.  This is the most cost effective and popular option for the amount of information you receive from the evaluation.



Level Three 


All the elements of a Level 2 evaluation, and includes an onsite meeting with a grading professional to assess grading requirements and costs.  For budget-conscious clients, this is an excellent option once the search has been narrowed to no more than 2 properties.  



Level Four 


All the elements of a Level 3 evaluation, and includes an evaluation by a licensed surveyor to ensure that the home can be built as planned, where planned, based on local zoning, setbacks, etc.  This is a crucial step that all homeowners should take to protect themselves from liability related to placement of the home on the lot.


(plus surveying cost)

Level 1 Evaluation 

  • Review of property documents supplied by the Client.  Property documents include plans/drawings of the proposed home to be built, surveys, deeds, permits issued (whether current or expired), and HOA/ARC documents

  • A “drive by” of the property to view the property from the road to look for any items (positive or negative) that may influence the ability to build on the property

  • After the review of the property documents and a “drive by”, a written summary will be provided to the Client


Level 2 Evaluation 

  • All items included in the Level 1 Evaluation.  (All documents should be delivered to Sage Construction and Consulting a minimum of 1 week prior to the onsite meeting. The onsite meeting typically lasts approximately one hour.  Client or Client’s representative must be on site during the meeting.  During this meeting, the following will be accomplished:

    • Client should visit the home site prior to the onsite meeting in order to discuss the desired location and orientation of the home.  Sage Construction and Consulting will provide flags for this purpose.  The proposed home location will be discussed, and wooden stakes will be located to indicate the “Big Box” or total area covered by the home, porches, decks, etc. 

    • Using a Ziplevel, total approximate grade fall will be determined by “shooting” the wooden stakes used to mark the proposed “Big Box” location of the home.  Total grade fall is important in determining whether a crawlspace or basement foundation is best suited to the property. The driveway approach, parking area and turnaround area (if desired) will be reviewed

    • If septic and well permits are in place, the location of each will be reviewed with relation to the proposed home site.  If no septic and well permit is in place, suggestions will be made as to possible locations for each

    • If City Water and/or Sewer are available, an attempt will be made to locate the service boxes for each

    • A review of available electrical service

    • A review of available natural gas service or need for a propane tank 

    • A review of the approximate elevation of the property to determine whether increased code requirements may apply (exact elevations would be determined by a surveyor)

    • A review of the property location to determine whether special zoning requirements may apply such as protected ridge, steep slope, water conservation, etc. (exact requirements would be determined by a surveyor and a review of the county overlay maps)

  • After the onsite meeting, all information gathered from the property documents and the onsite meeting will be used to prepare a site drawing.  The site drawing will show a representation of the home on the site, along with proposed septic/well or water/sewer, power and gas availability, driveways, walkways, etc.  

  • In addition to the site drawing, a summary of the review of the documents and onsite meeting will be prepared and delivered to the Client

  • Note:  A level 2 evaluation is not designed to estimate site costs related to clearing/excavation/grading, septic, possible retaining walls, gravel, etc.  A level 3 evaluation addresses these costs.


Level 3 Evaluation 

  • All items included in a Level 1 and 2 Evaluation

  • A meeting will occur onsite with the Client or Client’s representative and a grader secured by the Client.  (If the Client does not have access to a grader, Sage Construction and Consulting can provide names of Graders who may be willing to perform an onsite visit)

  • During the onsite meeting with the grader and the Client or Client’s representative, the information gathered during the Level 2 evaluation will be discussed.  The Client should be prepared to discuss their vision for the property, the amount of clearing desired, access into the home from garages, porches/decks, etc.  Depending on the property, a discussion of retaining walls may also be necessary.

  • Note:  If a Client desires a Level 3 Evaluation, arrangements can be made to have the grader on site so that only one meeting is required.  If only one meeting is required, the Level 3 Evaluation will be $1550.00 rather than $1650.00.  If the Client prefers for Sage Construction and Consulting to review the estimate from the grader and provide feedback, Sage Construction and Consulting will do so for and additional $150.00. 


Level 4 Evaluation 

  • All items included in levels 1,2 and 3 evaluations

  • Management of a meeting on site with a surveyor to mark and/or determine the following:

  • In relation to the current proposed homesite as staked at the onsite meeting, the surveyor will locate setbacks, easements, rights of way, flood zones and any other items pertinent to ensuring that the home can be built in the current proposed location

  • The surveyor will indicate topography in the immediate area around the homesite (up to 30’ from the house stakes), including the elevation at each staked corner

  • The surveyor will indicate elevation of the property as it relates to high wind zone code requirements (Above 3000 ft. elevation)

  • The surveyor will indicate whether the property lies within an area affected by zoning, such as protected ridge, steep slope, water conservation, etc.  This is important because sometimes moving the home a few feet can make the difference as to whether zoning requirements would apply

  • Sage Construction and Consulting will review the survey and work with the surveyor to answer any questions or concerns that result from the review

  • Sage Construction and Consulting will deliver the completed survey to the Client along with a summary of the survey findings.

  • Note:  Survey costs for the items above will vary based on the specifics of the property (location, elevation, etc), but typically range from $1500 to $3500.  If desired, an estimate can be provided by the surveyor prior to committing to a Level 4 Evaluation.  In the event an estimate is requested, the Client can request to move forward with a Level 3 evaluation, and once the estimate is delivered by the surveyor, the Client can move to a Level 4 evaluation.

$1750 (plus surveying costs ) 

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