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Permitting  Evaluation 

For individuals who aren't ready to build, but are looking for a lot to build on in the future, Sage offers formal permitting evaluations. In order to know the true costs related to developing a piece of property, water and sewer availability must be determined.  In Western North Carolina specifically, it should never be assumed that a standard septic system will be allowed.  An increasing number of properties in the area require upgraded septic systems.  Additionally, allowable septic system locations determine allowable well locations.  In today’s environment, permitting for septic and well can take months, and require that documents be filed, and onsite meetings be completed with county officials. We are happy to navigate this process for our clients and provide the info needed to move forward with construction with confidence.  Of course, if a client who pursues a lot evaluation or permitting evaluation chooses to build with us later on, their evaluations costs will be deducted from their home construction costs. 


Traditional Septic/Well Permit 

Steve will fill out and submit the standard permit application to the County. This does not include the application fee required by the County.  Application fees range in cost, but average $300-$400 per application.



County Site Review

Steve will meet the County official on-site to review the site and desired location for septic and/or well. He will be prepared to answer any technical questions the County official may have, to ensure processes move forward seamlessly. 



Septic Pits 

Includes meeting the County Official on-site. If the Official determines Septic Pits are required, Steve will dig the pits per their requirements. Click here to learn more about Sage Construction's sister company, Carolina Tractor + Excavation



Brush/Undergrowth Clearing 

In some cases, clearing of brush or undergrowth is necessary for septic evaluation or the digging of septic pits. Steve is happy to provide this service. Click here to learn more about Sage Construction's sister company, Carolina Tractor + Excavation 

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Soil Science Review 

In some cases it is advisable to request the services of a soil scientist and Soils Engineer.  These professionals have the ability to test the soils and engineer a septic system specific to the property. Steve will arrange for a Soil Scientist to review and provide information to a Soil Engineer, for an Engineered Septic Permit. (Average cost for an Engineered septic system is $1500 - $2000). 


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